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pdf_iconPhotochemical Removal of Pollutants from Air or Automobile Exhaust by Minimal Catalyst Water

Sugihara S1 and Hatanaka K2

1Department of Materials Science and Technology, Shonan Institute of Technology, Fujisawa, Japan
MCM Institute of Technology, Osaka, Japan


Key Words: electromagnetic wave, exhaust gas reduction, automobiles, air pollution control, minimal catalyst

Received: 19 June 2009; revised 28 July; accepted 7 August; published 1 December 2009; available online 1 December 2009.

doi: 10.14294/WATER.2009.7


Minimal catalyst (MICA) water, produced by high-pressure treatment, activates liquids, solids, and gases (including nitrogen in air). By using MICA-treated devices, we have achieved a remarkable reduction in CO2 levels (27%) and the elimination of NOx (40%) from automobile exhaust, possibly as a result of better combustion of gasoline. A typical MICA-treated device consists of an activated copper-plated plastic appliance. Our simple low-cost purification systems operate on the inlet gases, and can be fitted at the front of the engine bay of an automobile. MICA water energy at near-infrared to terahertz wavelengths, the mechanism underlying the reduction in automobile exhaust gases and the deodorization effect, is discussed.

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